Wild fermentation is such a flexible technique. It’s a wonder why it’s not used more often.  It’s most commonly associated with things like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi or sourdough bread. But in reality there is no limit to what you can do with this technique.  I’m a big fan of preserving meyer lemons this way, or even making pickled mushrooms.

The middle of last week I decided to make something new, a new take on an old classic.  Fennelkraut.

Fennelkraut (pre-fermentation)

I made a solution of 2 liters of water and 100 grams of salt and whisked the two together.  I then shredded five fennel bulbs on a mandolin and added them to the brine.  I used a ziplock bag filled with water to keep the fennel submerged.  The fennelkraut was alowed to set at room temperature for a week and a half where it developed the wonderful yeasty aroma and complex flavor signature of wild fermentation.  The fennel retained it’s beautiful shape and is now tender, crunchy, sweet and salty, with a subtle licorice note.  Just wait till you see what I do with it…

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One thought on “Fennelkraut

  1. […] tweezers?” I asked my wife I as I plated up these bad boys.  Seriously though, last weeks fennelkraut was just screaming to be put on a hot dog. And although the pairing of fennel orange may be […]

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